Transmuting raw spices into an economical and easy-to-use extracts, with its natural fragrance and other active ingredients intact, is an art perfected by MAAK NATURAL.  Using state-of-the-art technology of the highest standards and well-trained personnel, cutting edge labs, as per the world food and health standards wherein we are able to deliver at your doorstep high quality products that meets and exceeds our customer’s specifications.
Highly qualified and experienced professionals are manned at each stage of production.


•    We believe sourcing does not only mean signing an MOU. , it includes crop surveys,
     regular audits and up-to date market updates.
•    Quality and grading checks during Pre and Post-harvest stages.
•    Tie-ups with agricultural and research institutes for increasing productivity.

Manufacturing Capabilities & Technologies

•    Our Manufacturing facility is set up in such a way to comply all safety regulations and to
     avoid cross contamination.
•    We have steam sterilizers for sterilization of whole spices with guaranteed microbial
     results, shelf life and color.
•    We have storage facilities where the spices are stored ideally in the right temperature
     with careful monitoring of moisture and humidity levels to retain their freshness.
•    We have separate extraction plants for the manufacturing of various oleoresins and
     steam distillation units for the manufacturing of essential oils of different spices
     available around the globe.
•    Employing our creative skills, we focus on identifying and developing many new flavors
     through our R & D department to cater to the evolving customer preferences.