The true bond with nature


A combination of tradition and expertise

Spices are not just about flavour & colours. The essential phytonutrients present in spices and herbs helps to boost immunity, prevent certain diseases and helps to maintain good health.

At MAAK, these essential phytonutrients are captured in a bio-efficient way and thus we deliver the medicinal secrets of spices to the world.


Curcumin with its countless therapeutic benefits, is one of the most extensively studied ingredients for dietary supplements and functional foods. Curcumin’s rise to supplement stardom was rapid – and its not over yet. Our research team is in constant pursuit to explore more exciting and innovative ways to bring something to market that resonates with consumers.

We at MAAK , provide the food, cosmetics and nutraceutical industries with different grades of curcumin to cater to their needs.

• Curcumin – 95%
• Curcumin – 20%

Curcumin with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions, supports health in myriad ways.

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The true bond with nature
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