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Manufacturing capabilities

Our Manufacturing facility is set up in such a way that it complies the GMP standard

We have storage facilities where the spices are stored ideally in the right temperature with careful monitoring of moisture and humidity levels to retain their freshness.

Separate batch plants for Curcumin, Essential Oils, Oleoresins and Natural Food Colours.

Employing our creative skills, we focus on identifying and developing many new flavors through our R & D department to cater to the evolving customer preferences.


Steam distillation
It is a separation process which is used to extract and isolate essential oils from natural products . In this technique the volatile components from the raw materials like spices, roots, leaves, herbs etc. are separated using steam which is then condensed to essential oils.
It is the process of extracting volatile and non – volatile components of different herbs and spices using suitable organic solvent or mixture of solvents. These extracts contribute to the characteristic flavour and aroma of the corresponding spices or herbs.

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